What We Do

At Hanlyn, we are committed to continually improving the rental experience for both the investment property owner and the tenant. We take great pride in managing every property with diligence and attention to detail. Please find our list of services below.

Full Service Management

Find a Tenant

  • Arrange all cleaning and repairs to prepare unit for occupancy
  • Conduct a rental market analysis to establish appropriate rent for unit
  • Advertise unit for rent
  • Show unit to potential tenants
  • Screen potential tenants by way of rental application, credit check, employer references, personal references and past landlord checks
  • Prepare and sign lease along with collection of last month’s rent deposit
  • Get keys to new tenant and complete a condition of rental property checklist upon move in and move out

Monthly Management

  • Collect rent on the first of each month and forward to owner in agreed upon manner
  • Handle all communication with tenants, providing office hours and 24 hour emergency contacts
  • Obtain quotes and negotiate pricing for work orders, maintenance services, repairs and renovations
  • Oversee all work performed and ensure it meets expectations
  • Provide financial statements with all income and expenses on a monthly basis as well as an up to date rent roll as changes occur
  • Personally inspect the building on a quarterly basis and as needed
  • Perform paralegal functions as necessary to deal with infractions of the Residential Tenancies Act  (2006)

Please contact us to further discuss how Hanlyn can assist you.